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Hello, My name is Liz Gates. I have been doing wedding photography since 1999. At the young age of 18 I recall being asked to photograph my first wedding by someone who had seen some of my work. During that time I was attending collage for photography and was confident in taking on this important job. From that day forward I received many word of mouth referrals and continue to do so to this day. I am beyond grateful.

From 1999-2006 I was a 35mm film photographer! Boy I do not miss the days of hauling around a ton of 35mm film for weddings. Ha ha! I do however miss the tranquility and excitement of working in a darkroom.

Backtrack to 1996 to my first job. I got hired at a local photography studio which at the time was Expressly Portraits now known as The Picture People. I knew before that day that photography was my passion and holding that job confirmed it! From that day forward I have put my heart & soul into this unbelievably dream.

With hundreds of happy clients I can call this dream my reality and cannot thank my clients enough for where I am today.

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